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What Are the Most Popular Siding Options for Your Home

What Are the Most Popular Siding Options for Your Home

Home siding is available in a myriad of styles and profiles to serve anyone’s designer eye and personality. When considering popular siding types and manufacturers for your remodel or new home construction, bear in mind that the siding you choose will affect home value, curb appeal, your energy budget and comfort for years or decades.

Additionally, consider the siding’s life-cycle costs, which encompass installation, maintenance, repairs, replacement, energy efficiency and the dealer and manufacturer warranties. These elements of home cladding are the true scope of your investment, which are characterized by the quality and cost-effectiveness of Everlast composite siding.

To help you get started, read through the following characteristics of popular siding options available today, and you’ll see why Everlast composite siding is the best and next generation of siding on the market, offered exclusively to Connecticut homeowners by Sidetex.

Everlast Composite Siding

Three of the leading home siding options are composite, vinyl and fiber cement. These materials share similar advantages and characteristics, offering an array of beautiful colors and designs and resistance to harsh elements. Though, not all siding products are created equal, of course, which affects your pocketbook, valuable time and the appearance of your home.

Composite siding is manufactured from a mixture of granular stone and polymeric resin. There are no wood products in Everlast composite siding, which would render it prone to moisture damage that fiber cement suffers. In fact, granular stone and polymeric resin give composite siding its trademark strength and endurance when weather conditions take a turn for the worst in our New England region.

Everlast composite siding is more than 500% thicker than vinyl siding, which is flimsy and can easily crack. Additionally, Everlast composite siding holds its color-fastness for life due to the colored-through durable materials — no painting required!

Styles, Colors and Profiles

With the array of colors and rich textures to choose from, you may find it difficult (but fun) trying to decide which colors, designs and profiles are right for your home. Better yet, custom design your own Everlast siding colors and design.

Would you like the look of cedar shingles for your home without the demanding upkeep? How about a combination of profiles, such as wood-look composite siding accented with shakes in the front and back dormers and turrets. Lower your energy bills and boost your comfort with built-in form-fit insulation. When you choose Everlast siding for your home, the possibilities are endless!

Strength and Durability Are Warranted

Many siding manufacturers back their products with warranties. Though, few manufacturers offer lifetime and transferable warranties covering damage caused by color fading, hail impacts, snow, fierce winds and more.

Everlast composite siding provides such comprehensive coverage, which helps fill in the gaps or “fine print” of many homeowner insurance policies. When you partner with Sidetex, there is no fine print — only the finest products and service!

For more information about the benefits of choosing Everlast composite siding for your Connecticut home, please contact the home cladding experts at Sidetex today.

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