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How to Select the Right Windows for your Home?

How to Select the Right Windows for your Home?

Windows add to the overall character of your home, offering a beautiful view of the outside world and allows fresh air and natural light into your home. The choice of windows can greatly affect the appearance of the house and also make a big difference to the comfort, security and luxury.
If you are moving into a new home or remodeling your existing home, you may wonder how to select the right windows for your home. There are various elements to consider in your pursuit for the perfect windows for your home.

Important considerations:

  • Energy Efficiency: The energy efficiency of windows is represented in terms of U-Value (I.e> the insulating glass) and SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coeffecient) and Air Infiltration. With technology upgrades, high performing windows have glass coated with Low-E microscopic film which improves thermal performance and blocks harmful UV rays. By reducing heat loss in winters and by using reflective glass in summers, you can ensure substantial energy savings.
  • Aesthetics: Windows dictate the appearance of the house both from inside as well as outside. There are different factors like the shape, size, style, color,clarity and material of glass which needs to be considered while choosing the right windows.
  • Functionality: The chosen window style must ensure smooth operations. There are various different styles of windows; including double hung, casement, sliders,awning, picture and bay and bow among others. Depending on your requirements, choice and preferences, choose the most appropriate window style.
  • Location: While choosing the right window for your home, you also need to consider which direction your windows will face depending on the ventilation and sunlight it would be exposed to.
  • Maintenance: Use of maintenance free vinyl or fiberglass composite clading would ensure that your windows would look beautiful for many years to come. Also, there be easy cleaning options available to ensure clean and beautiful windows.
  • Budget: A good quality window should offer decades of performance, energy savings and brilliant aesthetics. Also, one should never compromise quality for low price. Choosing windows for your home is a long term investment which guarantees complete value for your money.
  • Window Installation: Installing the window requires professional expertise and skill, which is why it is recommended to seek professional help who can ensure flawless installation.
  • Personal Choice: The style of window frame, and choice of other accessories such as grilles, insulating blinds etc should be able to reflect your personal taste and preference.
  • The glazing material: There are endless options available for window panes in homes which include Low E (Low Emisivity glass, with Argon or even more energy efficient Krypton gas) reflective glass.
  • Window frames: The Window frames are available in myriad materials which include vinyl, wood, aluminum and fiberglass or fiberglass composite.
    Low cost options while choosing the right windows for your new or remodeled home includes caulking, plastic sheets, weather stripping, storm windows etc. These may only prove to stop gap measures.

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