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The Profile Extrusion Process: Different Product Categories

Aluminum Extrusion Process
The Aluminum extrusion process is quite popular because it can guarantee high quality improvement, development of homogenous properties, material and energy savings. In case of transportation engineering, the need for lightweight construction makes use of aluminum extrusion process extremely effective with the use of minimum pieces. Computer simulation based on finite volume or element method is the preferred way to get complex profile structures created.

In case of profile extrusion process, the number of variables involved is usually increased by a factor of two because of a complex die design for each profile and a calibration segment to cool off the extrudate. Manufacture of drinking straws and medical tubing makes use of the same profile extrusion process until the introduction of the die.


For specific applications, there may be a need to have multiple holes in the tubing structure. The profile extrusion process involves tools which are made using more than one pin placed at the center of the die to produce the necessary number of holes. These pins are then exposed to air pressure from different sources which also helps in adjusting the size of individual lumens by aligning the required air pressure. Common problems associated with the use of profile extrusion process includes aesthetic flaws, size variance and dimensional variations.

Pipes and Tubing
There are several product categories which make use of the profile extrusion process. Pipes and Tubing are manufactured using profile extrusion process and usually classified differently because of their specific requirements and large volume. For both of them, the cross section is round, however the wall thickness and diameter depends on the requirement. Generally, pipes are characterized with a thicker and rigid wall, whereas tubes are the ones with a hollow round profile and a flexible wall. 


Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding is extruded as a flat sheet using profile extrusion process which also guarantees better performance and higher output rates. One of the best examples of complex profiles is the window profile which includes the creation of frames, sash and other profiles. The structural strength, reliability and thermal performance depends largely on the multiple lumens on the interior parts of the window profiles. For fencing, hollow structures made as boards, posts or pickets can be built to ensure highest standards of structural strength.

Miscellaneous (gutters, downspouts, refrigerator seals, electrical conduit, etc.)
There are endless possibilities of product categories which make use of plastic profile extrusion process. Some of the most common product categories which makes use of the profile extrusion process includes Agricultural land drainage tubing, Gutters and downspouts, Refrigerator seals, the zip strip on re-sealable plastic bags, Electrical conduit, dip tubes used in aerosols and many more.


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